Node Experience:
empower your ideas

Node is a new brand project of Nerd. It’s particularity is hide in the name itself. Node is the acronym for Nerd On Design Experience. 360° Design Experience.
Fresh ideas, eccentric style we love to push on the link among digital and analogical between machines and craftmanship, art and science, natural substances and future materials. The key idea of Node is not only make eco-friendly products for surfboard and design industries but develop a new lifestyle. We‘ve already worked through furniture design, exhibitions, green packaging projects, art installation, interior and light design. We look at each project as an opportunity to grow, to take risk and experiment. Always interested in the crossover between art and utility, we’ve already faced a broad list of client’s requests about materials, shapes, philosophy, technology, function and money: in this section you could test us!

The CUSTOM section is dedicated to all those who want to share our FLAG.

Submit here your ideas, your needs or your experience and we’ll try to come them true. We have not ready-made solution and we don’t love fixed parameters. Let your creativity free!

Our Clients:
B&B Oggetti d’arte / Franchini Yachts / / Italnanotech / B*Crome / Pitti Immagine Uomo / Gruppo Kios / Villa dei Pini / Sublime Men / Kairos / Make up Artist Studio Trucco / Brutti ma buoni / Click caffé / Diadema SRL

    If you have an idea, a concept or just a dream that you want to make come true, write us and we will contact you as soon as possible

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