Are 3CSup 100% eco-friendly?

The cardboard core technique reduces drastically the footprint of the object. If you consider that the core of a board makes up about 95% of the volume of the object you will understand the innovation in terms of sustainability.

Is the cardboard core waterproof?

Our cardboard core is water resistant. We use a cardboard covered by a thin layer of wax coating that protects the core from humidity and gets it water resistant.

In the event of damage can I fix my board?

Your cardboard core is protected from humidity and water. If some water gets inside the board (due to an impact) you have just to open up the vent system and evacuate. To avoid a potential condensation due to residual humidity just open the vent system and proceed with natural ventilation. After this you can fix the damage part as usual. So no problem and just do it!

Is it possible to customize the pattern of the core?

Yes, you can. Currently three kind of pattern are available. You have to study which one you prefer. Any pattern has different performance also for the final weight of the board. We push a lot in the research of design the best pattern according with the performance and loads. So just ask for custom ideas and write at

Does the cardboard core technologies get the boards superlight?

The Cardboard core gets the boards lighter than conventional. You will gain 2kg/3Kg. We optimized shapes and material so much that we have reduced the weight of the core approximately of 50%. The weight of our boards depends on which kind of rails you want. If your choice is a Regrind PVC, PET or BALSA WOOD rails, your board will be super light, if you choice a cork rails the board will be heavier.

Can I send you my shape design to have a board built with a cardboard core?

Yes you can. We will start a process together because maybe we have to adapt the shape to the constraints of cardboard core technology. But at the end it will be a great satisfaction!!

Which are the performance of 3CSup?

3CSup boards have an excellent manoeuvrability among the waves and high stability. They are extremely agile and their agility will surprise you. Our core pattern is studied to guarantee the necessary rigidity on the wave without taking off the shape’s ductility.

Additional information

Currently all the boards on sale are made through an artisanal process. You can request a test ride by writing at before the purchase. FromSeptember 2018 we started our first industrialized production. The industrialized product will have some different features. First of all, the new board will be 100% recyclable. Second, the board will be super clear. Lastly the mass production will allow us to get the price lower. Sign up to node experience newsletter to stay tuned on our evolution.