waste as resource

Scientists from all over the world have concluded: humanity is having a huge impact on Earth. In reply, as designer and producer, we have the duty to be “The Pioneers of a New Era”. Current scenario is a world where the only material for future production probably will be mined from layers of man-made mineral and plastic composites, and fished from huge oceanic islands of plastic. However, we want to find an alternative to the mountain of waste: waste of manufacturing as a design issue. Node is born with the project of 3CSup, a series of innovative cardboard board that takes down the environmental impact of surfboard production. Also this kind of process makes mega amount of discards. So we started to redirect our waste into a cyclical system that celebrate and capitalize on their inherent qualities.“Turn vice into virtue”, this is the manifesto of new section “Node Lifestyle”. From the waste of production we’re making other materials for other projects. In this way we build a self-sufficient system which are leading us towards a future where waste should simply not exist…waste is become a resource.
By using intelligent, sensitive, appealing design, we’re developing exciting and innovative way to turn what has previously been unwanted into a variety of object of desire.