SPECHS 10’6" – 31" – 177l

MATERIALS 3mm waterproof cardboard, Cork (360kg/m3) or re-grind PVC (70kg/m3)



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    Free your spirit guide

    Dakuwanga (Dakuwaqa in native speaking) is the Fijian shark-god. He is the scourge of the fishermen, eating their fish as well as the men who fall overboard. Greatly respected by fishermen, Dakuwanga protects them from any danger at sea and from evil denizens of the sea. Metaphorically speaking, our board takes into account these features. It is aggressive when is required and gentle when the condition allows it. Dakuwanga is designed to perfectly fit for everyone. From beginner to the more experienced paddler, the Dakuwanga’s shape provides an optimum stability and smooth glide across flat water, performing well in small-sized waves. It has a distinct scoop and shaped cork rails to face the waves in an incredibly gently way. Its triangular core pattern guarantees rigidity against torsion strength among waves and make it extraordinary clear and exclusive. The venting system avoids any kind of problem connected to overpressure of the air in super sunny condition. The valve system allow to repair the board in case of impact: just open up, spill out, venting and move on. The cardboard core is waterproof thanks to water based coating that gets the skeleton even more rigid. So let’s ride the shark and free your spirit guide with Dakuwanga!