DIMENSIONS Lenght:105cm / Width:105cm / Height:74cm / Cardboard thickness:7mm


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    Supernatural taste

    Okami is a project inspired by Japanese folklore: in mythology it was the big wolf, the great god, in the world of entertainment Okami has been one of the most famous Japanese video-game in the world in the early 2000s.Digital manufacturing place handmade crafts, synthetic place organic, traditions place future are all components which you can find in this design project.
    Marked by a rounded-hexagonal shape, this table is perfect for kitchen room, living and its fancy geometries are perfect also for meeting rooms. The horizontal surface is designed from the studio of kumiko technique and optimized by an algorithm in consideration of loads. This cardboard core, reinforced by a series of wood rings, are wrapped by a cork or Bio-Foam ring which gives the proper rigidity. Vertical supports are in brown ash they are detachable without overstraining. Multiple combinations of colors and finishing are available both for glass surfaces and ring. Okami is a table manufactured by a recycled and sustainable materials.
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